92% AFUE

Single Stage Upflow-Horizontal Furnace


96% AFUE

2 Stage-ECM Upflow-Horizontal Furnace


97% AFUE




95% AFUE

Single Stage Upflow-Horizontal Furnace


80% AFUE

Single Stage Upflow-Horizontal Furnace

Horizontal Installation Videos

Horizontal Left Conversion with Right Venting

Horizontal Left Conversion with Left Venting

Horizontal Right Conversion with Right Venting

Horizontal Right Conversion with Vertical Venting

is Now Introducing

The MAC 95% AFUE Wall Mounted Modulating Condensing Boiler - Available in a Boiler Only or Combi Model

* 95% AFUE

* Featuring AI (Artificial Intelligence) Control

          - Automatically Sets Itself Up

* 7:1 Turndown Ratio in DHW Models

* 5.7:1 Turndown Ratio in Heating Mode

* 3.5 GPM at 70 Degree Rise with Combi Boiler

*Warranty Coverage - Must Register in 60 Days

          - 10-Year Heat Exchanger

         - FREE 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty*



Condensing Boiler

Available in a Boiler Only or Combi Models

Floor & Wall

* Aluminum-Silicon heat exchanger delivers high efficiency - 95% AFUE

* Low NOx emmisions ahead of 2012 SCAQMD regulations

* Simple, intelligent control options optimize efficiency & fuel consumption

* Electronic ignition

* Anti-cycle and modulation control

*Warranty Coverage - Must Register in 90 Days

          - Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger

         - 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty*


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*Bosch Greenstar 95% Efficient Gas/Prpane - Floor or Wall Model / Boiler or Combi - Counter Day - Aug 25th, 2016

*Utica Mac 95% Efficient Gas/Propane Wall Model / Boiler or Combi - Counter Day - Sept 6, 2016